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To drive your ideas forward, you need to positively influence and persuade decision makers. Improve your political savvy to maximize impact.


Influencing through Positive Leadership

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    Influencing through Positive Leadership
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    Why You Need Influence
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Influencing through Positive Leadership
An organization's social and political landscape can provide opportunities for positive leadership, influencing others in order to accomplish team and company goals. In this course, you will discover methods and strategies for effectively influencing a team to accept your ideas. You'll be introduced to the importance of political awareness and the essential skills involved in utilizing positive influence, while avoiding the negative, when persuading others. You'll also have an opportunity to practice methods for influencing effectively and ethically.
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Personal Power and Credibility
Authority carries a certain positional power. A title grants a person some power and authority, but even that has its limits. To meet goals and get results requires developing a sense of personal power that goes beyond the job description and that print on the business card. Personal power stems from personal credibility, influence, and political savvy. Even those with the most humble job titles can know how to get things done.    In this course, you'll learn how developing personal power and credibility, and using them for building trust with your coworkers and organization, allows you to increase your influence at work and reach your goals.
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Building Personal Power through Influence
Getting things done in the business world requires more than simply issuing orders. And most of us don't have the titles or authority to issue them in the first place. Along with being credible and building trust, you get results without direct authority by using persuasion and influence. Effective persuasion methods and influencing skills are the difference makers for getting results, with or without positional authority. This course will help you engage and enlist others in getting things done without the resort of formal power. It explores persuasion techniques and ways to promote influence through effective communication, reciprocity, the exchange of professional 'currencies', and persevering through resistance.
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Influence Others with Political Savvy
Politics aren't limited to elections and public service. When dealing with power and influence you will inevitably have to navigate your own organization's political waters. The reality is that, even if you dislike company politics, you cannot entirely avoid them. People get into positions of power not just because of their individual know-how, but also because of the influence they wield and their gifts of persuasion. Persuasion methods and techniques can aid in engaging and enlisting others in getting results, even without direct authority. This course examines how building trust and developing political savvy help create a personal level of influence to your own and the company's advantage.
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Gaining Insight through Organizational Awareness
The best leaders have a clear picture of their organizations’ people and systems, and what drives them in their chosen career. Effective leaders are also aware of each employee’s career plan, their motivations, how they interact with one another, as well as the power dynamics between staff members. In this course, you’ll learn about organizational awareness and how it relates to career management. You’ll also explore how you can develop organizational awareness when managing your career to advance your professional goals.
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Expert Insights on Influence & Persuasion
People are easily influenced, and you want to be a leader, not a follower. Discovering how to get colleagues and business partners on your side is the opening move in the game of chess that is business today. 
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Lead & Influence: Get More Ownership, Commitment, and Achievement from Your Team
Explaining how to use the power of ownership to become even more successful in leading your organization, this book will show you how to empower your employees to own achievement, no matter the distance between you and them.
Book Duration 2h 5m Book Authors By Mark Fritz


Work with Me: How to Get People to Buy into Your Ideas
Showing you how to master the art of the buy-in, this book explains that you achieve better results when people go along with your ideas because they want to, not because they have to; the key is knowing how to build that kind of commitment.
Book Duration 2h 26m Book Authors By Simon Dowling


Persuasion Equation: The Subtle Science of Getting Your Way
From crafting compelling emails to convincing a colleague to nailing the big presentation, this insightful guide reveals what really drives decisions and introduces readers to the persuasion equation - a powerful combination of factors proven to speed agreement.
Book Duration 3h 24m Book Authors By Mark Rodgers


7 Secrets of Persuasion: Leading-Edge Neuromarketing Techniques to Influence Anyone
Whether your goal is to persuade one person―a husband, child, or boss―or the millions who might purchase an Apple Watch or a Budweiser, this book directly translates the revolution in neuroscience into practical new techniques for effective persuasion.
Book Duration 3h 14m Book Authors By James C. Crimmins


Quiet Influence: The Introvert's Guide to Making a Difference
Identifying six unique strengths that can make introverts powerful influencers, this book shows how you can use those strengths to challenge the status quo, provoke new ways of thinking, effect change, and inspire others to move forward.
Book Duration 2h 39m Book Authors By Jennifer B. Kahnweiler


Persuade: Using the Seven Drivers of Motivation to Master Influence and Persuasion
Based on sound psychological principles and grounded in science, this humorous and accessible book helps you to get inside the heads of decision makers and uncover exactly what's going on, so you can get what you want, time and time again.
Book Duration 1h 51m Book Authors By Philip Hesketh


Artful Persuasion: How to Command Attention, Change Minds, and Influence People
Whether you're a lawyer trying to persuade a jury, an employee fighting for a pay increase, or a general speaker attempting to gain the attention of an audience, this amusing book will show you how to influence just about anyone.
Book Duration 4h 23m Book Authors By Harry Mills


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