Measuring & Managing Performance

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Performance can only be improved if it's consistently measured & monitored. Learn how to better manage performance to achieve positive outcomes.


Planning an Effective Performance Appraisal

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    Planning an Effective Performance Appraisal
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    The Value of Performance Appraisals
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Planning an Effective Performance Appraisal
Few tasks make managers more uncomfortable than conducting performance appraisals – especially when an employee has a performance problem. It doesn't have to be this way. Difficult conversations, and even terminations, can often be avoided with some effective planning to establish goals, competencies, and performance requirements. Appraisals assist with managing performance, as they encourage employees to perform their jobs well because they're addressing the highest priority responsibilities and operating in a way that the organization expects. Managing performance in top performers, who are particularly valuable to the company, requires challenging and engaging them so they don't terminate their contracts to go look for challenges elsewhere. In this course, you'll learn about developing an employee performance plan and monitoring ongoing performance so there are no unhappy surprises at performance review time.
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Measuring Outcomes and Using KPIs
To achieve business goals, you need to boost performance and growth in critical areas. Identifying these areas requires instituting the most suitable performance measurement systems. In this course, you’ll learn how managing performance can be aided by identifying a performance problem using performance measurement systems. You'll also learn how to work with a key performance indicator (KPI).
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Detecting and Dealing with Performance Problems
When valuable top performers choose to terminate their contracts to take up more challenging positions elsewhere, it can be a consequence of poor performance management. Identifying a performance problem early and diagnosing it accurately is key to managing performance effectively. You've got to involve employees in what might be difficult conversations to discover actual root causes and come up with the best possible solutions. In this course, you'll learn how to detect, identify, and question problems in your workplace, determine the scope, frequency, and impact when they occur, and diagnose root causes – both external and internal – to help find the best solution and avoid a contract termination of a valuable employee.
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Expert Insights on Measuring & Managing Performance
When you’re a good manager, you don’t need to fear performance reviews. Having a good team starts with adequately preparing employees to reach their full potential, and has the result of a high-performing team that gets great reviews.
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Developing Resilient Organizations: How to Create an Adaptive, High-Performance and Engaged Organization
Addressing a wide variety of organizational issues including motivation, performance, staff retention, behavior, trust, attention span, and teamwork, this book explains how to develop organizational performance, well-being, and a positive approach to adversity and change in organizations.
Book Duration 4h 36m Book Authors By Charles Elvin, Doug Strycharczyk


Charismatic Leadership: The Skills You Can Learn to Motivate High Performance in Others
Explaining why charisma is a vital asset in any organization, this practical book will help you understand its essential components, find out how to grow your charismatic presence and discover why you need the companion skills of coaching, problem-solving and empathy.
Book Duration 4h 3m Book Authors By Kevin Murray


How Performance Management is Killing Performance: and What to Do About It: Rethink, Redesign, Reboot
Laying out a method that employees will embrace, this book provides a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to creating a performance management solution that’s tailored to your organization’s needs and goals and that places the emphasis squarely on your greatest asset: your people.
Book Duration 3h 39m Book Authors By M. Tamra Chandler


Strategic Reward and Recognition: Improving Employee Performance through Non-Monetary Incentives
Providing practice examples from all over the world, different sectors, and large and small organizations, this book brings together theory and practice to guide HR professionals, consultants, and senior leaders in developing a clear strategy in developing and implementing the most effective reward programs for their organizations.
Book Duration 3h 56m Book Authors By John G. Fisher


Armstrong's Handbook of Performance Management: An Evidence-Based Guide to Delivering High Performance, 5th Edition
Considering the latest developments in this area, and how these can be applied to managing staff for increased performance, this book provides a detailed analysis of current evidence-based research in this field and considers how this informs the practice of performance management.
Book Duration 5h 52m Book Authors By Michael Armstrong


Leadership Coaching: Working with Leaders to Develop Elite Performance, 2nd Edition
Drawing on top coaching practitioners’ thinking and writing, this book presents an in-depth understanding of the tools, techniques, and frameworks that can be used to enhance the coach/coachee relationship.
Book Duration 7h 27m Book Authors By Jonathan Passmore (ed)