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Customer Success Manager Journey

  • 118 Courses | 42h 41m 42s
  • 9 Books | 1h 28m
  • 6 Audiobooks | 1h 52m 29s
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Companies want their customers to succeed, and Customer Success Managers can help customers achieve their goals. Learn more about the skills required by Customer Success Managers. This Journey is based on real-time market information from Lightcast and focuses on the role of the Customer Success Manager within organizations.

Customer Relationships

Start growing relationships that exceed customers’ needs and desires.  Learn more about how to build lasting customer relationships.

  • 4 Courses | 1h 19m 31s
  • 1 Book | 7m
  • 1 Audiobook | 17m 3s

A Customer First Mindset

Organizations need people who are so customer obsessed that they never settle but are continually trying to understand what else they can do for their customers.  Learn more about a customer first mindset.

  • 8 Courses | 4h 54m 44s
  • 1 Book | 9m
  • 1 Audiobook | 13m 31s

Communication & Listening Skills

Communication is a two-way process – while one person provides information, another must not only understand what is meant, but also show that they’re being receptive to that information.  Learn more about communication and listening skills.

  • 8 Courses | 2h 49m 45s
  • 2 Books | 21m
  • 1 Audiobook | 21m 46s

Sales & Presentation Skills

Delivering a presentation demands that you convey your message clearly while capturing the attention of your audience.  Learn more about presentation skills.

  • 12 Courses | 4h 12m 28s
  • 2 Books | 19m
  • 1 Audiobook | 19m 57s

Curiosity and Creativity

New challenges require new ideas, new solutions, and new skills and knowledge. And this requires continuous learning and self-development.  Learn more about curiousity and creativity.

  • 9 Courses | 2h 59m 10s
  • 3 Books | 32m
  • 2 Audiobooks | 40m 12s


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