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Leading change requires uniting people and creating experiences that unveil new possibilities. Learn how to harness change and sharpen your change management skills for positive results.


Leading Your Team through Change

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    Leading Your Team through Change
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Leading Your Team through Change
Change is always happening. Effective team leadership means managing teams through the ongoing transition processes that facilitate change. Removing obstacles that can hinder the productive teamwork required to make these transition processes smooth is essential. In this course, you'll learn about types of resistance and obstacles to change and how to overcome them in a collaboration. You'll also learn about how to overcome barriers to introducing change at your organization. Finally, you'll learn effective approaches for communicating change when working on a team.
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Managing Motivation during Organizational Change
A key challenge for managers is motivating and engaging employees during times of organizational change. To survive and grow in volatile markets, organizations have to embrace change; they have to innovate and adapt. However, because change involves uncertainty, it's stressful, and it can impact employee motivation and productivity – just at a time when an organization needs everyone to pull together and give their best efforts. In this course, you'll learn change management techniques to help you recognize and manage employee stress, as well as your own stress, during periods of change. You'll also learn about common reactions to change, and strategies for managing change to enable you to engage, motivate, and support employees.
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Moving Forward with Change Planning
When adapting to change, effective planning is key. If planned and carried out properly, a change initiative can enhance an organization’s flexibility and resilience in the face of future disruptions. In this course, you’ll learn tools for adapting to new processes, such as change charters and guiding coalitions. You’ll discover how to interpret stakeholders’ influence and input and how they can help when changing your organization’s strategy. You’ll also learn best practices for creating codes of change that will enable to successfully adapt and become more resilient.
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Making Change Stick
By facing change deployment challenges head on, you can help your organization successfully adapt to the change, increasing its flexibility and resilience. In this course, you’ll learn methods for adapting to change that involve effective ways of communicating the change to different groups. You’ll learn how make the process of changing more comfortable, so that your workforce can reinforce their skills and become more resilient. You’ll also explore training and performance management techniques you can use when your employees are adapting to new situations.
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Facilitating Sustainable Change
All organizations must go through some type of change in order to adapt to new market forces. Adapting to change, whether it involves new processes, strategies, or personnel, is never easy, but is a vital aspect of a company’s long-term success and resilience. In this course, you’ll learn about key outputs of a change initiative, such as success factors that improve an organization’s flexibility and make it more resilient. You’ll explore how to identify stakeholder groups needed when adapting to new processes, and the roles they play in changing operations. You’ll also learn how to evaluate the three keys to sustainable change: discomfort, vision and proper skill level.
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Expert Insights on Leading Change
Because human nature is to resist change, those in charge of leading the change have a tough mountain to climb. Only when people feel connected and commit to the change can everyone reach the summit successfully.
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Expert Insights on Managing Change
Change is inevitable, but leaders often face resistance when trying to implement it. A clear vision, a real need for something different, and a sense of purpose go a long way toward advancing change at the office.
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The Thin Book of Appreciative Inquiry, 3rd Edition
Providing enough information to help you decide whether you want to make the larger commitment necessary to use Appreciative Inquiry (AI), this concise guide explains the exciting organizational change philosophy, and updates the results of ongoing research in this subject area.
Book Duration 42m
Book Authors By Sue Annis Hammond


Managing Organizational Change: A Practical Toolkit for Leaders
Featuring case studies, reflection questions, checklists, action planning and summaries, this book brings together all the different roles and functions within an organization that a leader has to manage effectively in order to bring about successful and sustainable organizational change.
Book Duration 3h 53m
Book Authors By Helen Campbell


Leading Continuous Change: Navigating Churn in the Real World
Offering detailed advice, practical tools, and real-world examples for navigating change, this comprehensive guide presents a four-part model and four mindsets that allow leaders to deal with multiple changes simultaneously without drowning in the churn.
Book Duration 2h 57m
Book Authors By Bill Pasmore


Engaging Change: A People-Centred Approach to Business Transformation
Illustrated throughout with case studies, this book gives change managers the confidence and knowledge to assess the elements affecting an organization's "change readiness" and to effectively manage them throughout the change life cycle.
Book Duration 4h 27m
Book Authors By Mark Jenkins, Mark Wilcox


Stacking the Deck: How to Lead Breakthrough Change Against Any Odds
Offering a proven, practical approach for inspiring meaningful, lasting change across an organization, this book presents a nine-step course of action leaders can follow from the first realization that change is needed through all the steps of implementation, including assembling the right team of close advisors and getting the word out to the wider group.
Book Duration 4h 10m
Book Authors By David S. Pottruck