Operational Excellence

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Drive excellence into your operations using lean and other best practice methodologies for continuous improvement. 


Using Lean to Perfect Organizational Processes

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    Using Lean to Perfect Organizational Processes
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    The 5S Process for Workplace Organization
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Using Lean to Perfect Organizational Processes
Regardless of the industry or sector you’re involved in, it’s likely that your organization has several competitors offering similar products or services. With so much choice available, consumers are increasingly looking for products or services that offer them the most value, and that can be delivered in the most efficient manner. To meet this demand, organizations must perfect their processes and operations management. This course introduces powerful Lean tools, such as 5S, jidoka, and Hoshin Kanri, for optimizing perfection and quality in a manufacturing or service organization. They’ll help you organize workplaces, meet strategic objectives, problem solve, enhance operations, improve processes and efficiency, and reduce waste.
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Using Lean to Improve Flow and Pull
Anyone, at any level, can help make their organization more efficient. The simplest way is to eliminate waste from business processes. There are various Lean techniques that can help any organization build efficiency and quality into its operations. In this course, you'll learn about the visual workplace, identify key components of just-in-time, and explore the steps of the Kanban system. You'll also consider the goals of line balancing, and learn how to calculate takt time. This course also shows how you can improve communication how to improve Operations Managements by establishing a pull system that paces production with the rate of actual product demand, and distributing work evenly.
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Using Lean to Reduce Waste and Streamline Value Flow
Companies are always looking for new ways to improve business efficiency and increase quality. To run a business at optimal capacity, you need to reduce or eliminate waste from processes and improve production flow. In this course, you'll learn about Lean strategies to reduce waste by determining which operations add value and which don't. You'll explore the concept of continuous flow, and discover how to balance work processes to make production flow more efficient. You’ll define what waste is, where it exists, and what causes it. You’ll also examine aspects of muda, continuous flow, line balancing, and value and non-value-add, and practical Lean techniques for improving Operations Management.
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Applying Value Stream Mapping in Lean Business
To understand how something works, you need to observe it, noting how it fits into a larger pattern. In this course, you'll learn about adding value stream maps to your operations – visual representations of the flows that lead to a product or service being created. Value stream mapping is a Lean technique helps you make your Operations Management more efficient. You'll also learn about creating a future-state value stream map, and eliminating process blocks. The course also covers how recognize how a value stream map improves an organization's efficiency. And it explores ways to identify sources of waste and issues with quality.
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Managing for Operational Excellence
By achieving operational excellence, a company can not only drastically improve the quality and efficiency of its internal processes, but it can also gain a competitive advantage. But to attain operational excellence, you’ll need to understand how your organization’s existing processes work and create a plan to fundamentally enhance them. In this course, you’ll learn about Lean tools you can use to improve operations management in your organization. You’ll also explore strategies that can help make your organizational operations more efficient and sustainable over the long term.
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Enabling Business Process Improvement
Process improvements can transform a business, increasing efficiency, product quality customer satisfaction, and profits. But to carry out these process improvements, you must understand the existing process design, and implement a process control system to maintain the standards of the new process. This course will cover how you can combine 6σ and Lean Six Sigma strategies to manage a business process improvement initiative so it yields the best possible results. You’ll explore how to get buy-in from stakeholders, and how to analyze and redesign a process. You'll also learn guidelines for successfully implementing and sustaining process improvements.
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Book Summary

Lean Six Sigma Approaches in Manufacturing, Services, and Production
Lean Six Sigma Approaches in Manufacturing, Services, and Production outlines the key benefits of Lean and Six Sigma while dispelling common myths, such as the idea that they’re only useful in manufacturing. In this Summary, we discuss the salient points of the book based on our interpretation of its contents.
Book Duration 10m
Book Authors By Benedict M. Uzochukwu (eds), Edem G. Tetteh

Book Summary

The Root Cause Analysis Handbook: A Simplified Approach to Identifying, Correcting, and Reporting Workplace Errors
In The Root Cause Analysis Handbook, author Max Ammerman presents a nine-step approach to investigating any workplace failure. In this Summary, we discuss the salient points of the book based on our interpretation of its contents.
Book Duration 10m
Book Authors By Max Ammerman


A Welch Way Playbook on Operational Excellence
In this Welch Way Playbook, we present the tools and proven techniques you can apply in order to constantly pursue better ways of operating your business. This Playbook is your game plan for success.
Book Duration 2h 32m
Book Authors By Strayer University


The 12 Principles of Manufacturing Excellence: A Lean Leader's Guide to Achieving and Sustaining Excellence, Second Edition
Outlining a comprehensive, proven process for delivering world-class performance while also cultivating the right culture through leadership, mentoring, and hourly associate involvement, this book details a top-down strategy and process that Lean leaders can use to implement and sustain manufacturing excellence.
Book Duration 5h 7m
Book Authors By Larry E. Fast


Lean and Digitize: An Integrated Approach to Process Improvement
Providing a convincing picture of process improvement, digitization and the management of both, this book will help you eliminate waste, improve process and service, and better align your information and communications technology with your strategic objectives.
Book Duration 4h 20m
Book Authors By Bernardo Nicoletti


Performance Consulting: A Strategic Process to Improve, Measure, and Sustain Organizational Results, 3rd Edition
Featuring tools, models, and checklists, as well as case examples throughout, this profoundly practical book provides detailed steps for measuring results from performance consulting initiatives on five different levels, including ROI.
Book Duration 3h 45m
Book Authors By Dana Gaines Robinson, Dick Handshaw, Jack J. Phillips, James C. Robinson, Patricia Pulliam Phillips