Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions. Discover strategies for becoming more self-aware.


Developing Emotional Intelligence

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    Developing Emotional Intelligence
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    Bringing Emotional Intelligence to Work
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Developing Emotional Intelligence
Developing emotional intelligence is a key to successful leadership. Leaders with a strong mixture of emotional awareness, self-management, and social skills are able to relate better to those around them. Emotionally intelligent leaders navigate relationships more effectively and are more likely to be successful in their personal and professional lives. This course provides an understanding of why emotionally  intelligent leadership is important. It also provides practical, positive techniques for promoting and improving emotional intelligence as a leader within your business environment.
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The Essentials for Anger Management
Anger is a normal – and even healthy – emotion, rooted in the instinct for self-preservation. However, if not managed properly, our feelings and emotions can be very destructive. It's important to find healthy ways of owning and expressing your anger. This requires emotional intelligence (EI) and a good emotional quotient (EQ), or emotional intelligence quotient (EIQ).  In this course, you’ll explore how to manage your anger and your anger response. You’ll also explore the nature of anger, including its root causes and ways to use it positively in the workplace. And you’ll learn how develop empathy for colleagues who may be causing your anger.
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Navigating Your Own Emotions
In the workplace, emotions can often run high; sometimes, they can cause you to say or do things that you may later regret. But the only person responsible for your emotions is you; you own them. That’s why developing emotional intelligence is so crucial in protecting your professional reputation. In this course, you’ll learn how to manage your emotional IQ, or EQ, in order to handle difficult situations more effectively. You’ll explore the science behind emotion, self-management techniques, as well as methods for recovering from emotional hijackings. You'll also learn different strategies for building emotional intelligence, such as taking ownership of your emotions, becoming emotionally self-aware, and identifying emotions.
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Navigating Other People's Emotions
Organizational and interpersonal dynamics, along with high pressure situations, can sometimes cause others to behave unprofessionally. The way you react to their behavior can have a lasting effect on your future relationships. But, by building emotional intelligence, or emotional IQ, you can ensure that you’ll be able to understand and acknowledge other people’s emotions, and maintain strong relationships with them. In this course, you’ll learn how to recognize emotional awareness in, actively listen to, and empathize with others by developing emotional intelligence, also known as EQ. You’ll also discover how to apply organizational awareness and empathy to enhance your workplace relationships.
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Navigating the Workplace with Emotional Intelligence
Any organization, regardless of its size, industry or location, is made up of people – people who interact on a daily basis, and not always without incident. Developing emotional intelligence within the organization is a key factor in ensuring that these relationships run smoothly. This is especially true of leaders, who must provide an example of how to behave in group settings. In this course, you’ll learn how building emotional intelligence, or EQ, can improve team or group interactions. You’ll also explore the role of emotional IQ in workplace activities, conflict and stress management, as well as employee influence and engagement.
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Expert Insights on Emotional Intelligence
If you only have time to improve one aspect of yourself, focus on your emotional intelligence (EQ). Raising your EQ calls for a steep investment in self-reflection and self-awareness, but the payoff is an undeniable competitive advantage.
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Book Summary

Understanding Emotional Intelligence: Strategies for Boosting Your EQ and Using it in the Workplace
Understanding Emotional Intelligence demystifies the concept of emotional intelligence and expands on its principles, making it accessible to anyone. In this Summary, we discuss the salient points of the book based on our interpretation of its contents.
Book Duration 10m Book Authors By Frances Kay, Neilson Kite

Book Summary

Emotional Intelligence for Rookies
Emotional Intelligence for Rookies explains how enhanced awareness of our emotions, feelings, and moods can positively influence our ability to control our actions and ensure positive outcomes in attaining our goals and building relationships. In this Summary, we discuss the salient points of the book based on our interpretation of its contents.
Book Duration 10m Book Authors By Ali Dawson, Andrea Bacon


EGO vs. EQ: How Top Leaders Beat 8 Ego Traps With Emotional Intelligence
Drawing on real-life anecdotes from the author’s 20-years of coaching and consulting, this book teaches you how to identify the most common reasons for leadership ineffectiveness, including the cascading consequences they create, and learn tools to prevent them.
Book Duration 3h 21m Book Authors By Jennifer Shirkani


Emotional Intelligence for Rookies
Explaining how to up your emotional intelligence quotient and to use it to get positive outcomes at work, this book shows you how to get to know and control your own emotions, to become self-directed, resilient and success-oriented.
Book Duration 2h 16m Book Authors By Ali Dawson, Andrea Bacon


Emote: Using Emotions to Make Your Message Memorable
Presenting an emotion-based approach that will change the way you think about verbal communications, this book will help you gain the confidence you need to stand in the spotlight and "wow" clients or executives, create connections, and get your message across to anyone.
Book Duration 3h 45m Book Authors By Vikas Gopal Jhingran


What Makes a Leader: Why Emotional Intelligence Matters
Presenting Daniel Goleman's ground-breaking, highly sought articles from the Harvard Business Review and other business journals in one volume, this book reflects the evolution of his latest thinking about emotional intelligence, tracking the latest neuroscientific research on the dynamics of relationships, and the latest data on the impact emotional intelligence has on an organization's bottom-line.
Book Duration 2h 13m Book Authors By Daniel Goleman


Feeling Smart: Why Our Emotions Are More Rational Than We Think
Even though they may not behave in a purely logical manner, our emotions frequently lead us to better, safer, more optimal outcomes. This book brings together game theory, evolution, and behavioral science to produce a surprising and very persuasive defense of how we think, even when we don’t.
Book Duration 4h 28m Book Authors By Eyal Winter


The Emotional Intelligence Activity Kit: 50 Easy and Effective Exercises for Building EQ
From setup instructions to debriefing questions, this book offers simple exercises that are quick to deploy and target key areas that benefit most from EQ training, including leadership, project management, customer service, teamwork, sales, and more.
Book Duration 4h 19m Book Authors By Adele B. Lynn, Janele R. Lynn


Emotional Intelligence: Managing Emotions to Make a Positive Impact on Your Life and Career
By improving your ability to understand and manage emotions, this book will show you how to better handle situations, events and other people that in the past you’ve found difficult or stressful.
Book Duration 2h 8m Book Authors By Gill Hasson


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