Managing a Crisis

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Crisis management is a process by which organizations deal with disruptive and unexpected events. Uncover strategies to navigate through crises.


Managing in a Crisis

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Managing in a Crisis
Effective business leadership is never more needed than during the difficult times of a company crisis. The way you handle tough conversations or deliver a difficult message can make or break the situation. It's essential to have crisis management strategies to improve outcomes. In this course, you’ll discover ways of managing in a crisis, including how to manage difficult conversations and crisis communications.
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Being an Effective Manager When Times Are Tough
Most companies will eventually face tough times, and it's during these times that your role as a manager is vital. The employees you manage will depend on your leadership to help see them through, and shying away from tough conversations may only make the situation worse. In this course, you'll learn specific strategies for weathering difficult times, including ways to reduce costs, how to hold difficult conversations with employees and secure their support, and what alternatives to consider before laying off staff. For when there's no other choice, you'll learn how best to plan and implement staff reductions, and how to deliver the difficult message. You'll also learn about opportunities you can use to strengthen your organization during difficult times.
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Managing Motivation during Organizational Change
A key challenge for managers is motivating and engaging employees during times of organizational change. To survive and grow in volatile markets, organizations have to embrace change; they have to innovate and adapt. However, because change involves uncertainty, it's stressful, and it can impact employee motivation and productivity – just at a time when an organization needs everyone to pull together and give their best efforts. In this course, you'll learn change management techniques to help you recognize and manage employee stress, as well as your own stress, during periods of change. You'll also learn about common reactions to change, and strategies for managing change to enable you to engage, motivate, and support employees.
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How to Manage Difficult Conversations
For managers, difficult conversations can be immensely stressful. Handled the wrong way, this kind of conversation can also damage your work relationships and leave you feeling unsure of your abilities. However, with the right preparation and mindset, you can make sure that you communicate difficult news with tact and diplomacy. In this course, you'll learn some basic guidelines about when and where to initiate difficult conversations, and useful steps for managing the associated stress. You'll learn how to prepare for a difficult conversation using a four-step process, so that you're confident and can make the conversation as constructive and diplomatic as possible. Finally, you'll learn how to demonstrate that you have the right mindset when communicating bad news to an employee.
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Expert Insights on Managing a Crisis
The best crisis leaders understand not only what a true crisis is, but also how to prepare for it.  Discover how you and your organization can be more resilient in times of crisis.
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Thinking Through Crisis: Improving Teamwork and Leadership in High-Risk Fields
Bridging the gap between theory and practice, this vivid, well-documented book analyzes the complex dynamics of high-risk fields and demonstrates that teamwork is more important than technical prowess in averting disasters.
Book Duration 4h 25m Book Authors By Amy L. Fraher


Communicate in a Crisis: Understand, Engage and Influence Consumer Behaviour to Maximize Brand Trust
This guide will help you recognize, plan and respond to a sudden wildfire of consumer-led reaction, 'manipulated outrage' sparked from interaction on news feed algorithms, fuelled by social media and the constant demand for an instantaneous response.
Book Duration 4h 27m Book Authors By Kate Hartley


Coaching in Times of Crisis and Transformation: How to Help Individuals and Organisations Flourish
Taking an in-depth look at crisis and change in the world and discussing their impact on both individuals and organizations, this book provides a practical guide and resource for managers and coaches on how to tackle challenges effectively and how to turn a crisis into an opportunity for transformation.
Book Duration 5h 6m Book Authors By Liz Hall (ed)


The Handbook of Risk Management: Implementing a Post-Crisis Corporate Culture
Showing a firm how to repurpose its risk management, this book also explains how to analyze its risk appetite, translate it into risk policies and risk targets and distribute responsibilities and capabilities accordingly.
Book Duration 4h 12m Book Authors By Philippe Carrel


Lukaszewski On Crisis Communication: What Your CEO Needs to Know About Reputation Risk and Crisis Management
Get crisis-ready NOW! Learn from the master exactly what to do when the whole world is watching: Stop creating victims; Communicate effectively with all stakeholders; Prevent lawsuits; and Reduce the negative impact of media hounds and activists.
Book Duration 7h 12m Book Authors By James E. Lukaszewski


All Hands On Deck: Navigating Your Team Through Crises, Getting Your Organization Unstuck, and Emerging Victorious
Beginning with the riveting, true story of Massachusetts clipper ship Captain Josiah Nickerson Knowles who saved his crew and all but one passenger during not one but two shipwrecks in the Pacific, this valuable guide presents a proven process to overcome - and lead through - chaos and disorder.
Book Duration 5h 5m Book Authors By Peter J. Boni


Blindsided: A Manager's Guide to Crisis Leadership, 2nd Edition
Using the author’s 30 years of global experience to land you in the middle of a fast-breaking crisis, this book presents case studies and examples to demonstrate what a top-notch leader would say and do at every turn. After this simulation, the author then guides you in developing a real-world crisis management plan, uniquely presenting two books in one: Crisis Response and Crisis Preparedness.
Book Duration 7h 21m Book Authors By Bruce T. Blythe


The Four Stages of Highly Effective Crisis Management: How to Manage the Media in the Digital Age
Providing a wealth of helpful tips and tools, this timely guide unveils the secrets of managing the media in a crisis, and examines how rapidly evolving social media and Web 2.0 technologies have changed the crisis management landscape.
Book Duration 4h 34m Book Authors By Jane Jordan-Meier


The Politics of Crisis Management: Public Leadership Under Pressure
Based on over a decade of collaborative, cross-national research, this book provides a uniquely comprehensive analysis which examines how leaders deal with the strategic challenges and political risks they face.
Book Duration 4h 26m Book Authors By Arjen Boin, Bengt Sundelius, Eric Stern, Paul't Hart


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