Customer Relationships

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Building and maintaining good customer relationships is key to business success. Ensure you consistently exceed their expectations. 


Customer Service: Adapting to Your Customers' Cues

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    Customer Service: Adapting to Your Customers' Cues
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    Appreciating the Cues Your Customer Gives You
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Customer Service: Adapting to Your Customers' Cues
The ability to support a customer is keenly enhanced by a greater understanding of the customer’s mood, communication style, and knowledge of the product or service in question. From the first moments of interaction, the customer will be giving cues in each of these areas. Interaction with customers requires planning, active listening, and a conscious effort to adjust your communication and support approach based on your customer's cues. In this course, you'll learn how to recognize and read customer cues, and how to use them to adapt your support strategy to each individual customer. You'll also explore how to overcome common pitfalls customer service agents face in assessing their customer’s cues. This course was developed with subject matter provided by NueBridge ( which has extensive expertise in customer experience and management across multiple industries around the world.
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Customer Service: Interpreting Customers’ Service Priorities
CSRs who can identify their customers' priorities are able to make the best decisions on how to serve the customer. A customer’s priorities may be both explicit (stated clearly or obvious) and implicit (unsaid or unexpected). Understanding the scope and interdependence of these priorities allows you to better address each customer’s implicit needs and help you deliver a higher level of service. In this course, you’ll learn to distinguish customer priorities as either explicit or implicit, and to describe how speed influences customer perception. You’ll also learn strategies to decrease the amount of effort the customer has to expend in getting issues resolved, methods to demonstrate your presence for customers in service interactions, and strategies to help you balance priorities during a customer service interaction. This course was developed with subject matter provided by NueBridge ( which has extensive expertise in customer experience and management across multiple industries around the world.
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Interacting with Customers
Effectively communicating with customers increases customer satisfaction and projects service excellence. This course provides valuable advice on how to improve client service (CS) by building customer relationships with better customer conversations. It covers how to improve conversations with customers by speaking effectively, using vocal cues, listening actively, and using paraphrasing to convey your understanding of the customer's needs.
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Communicating Effectively with Customers
Effectively communicating with customers is essential to the success of any customer-oriented business. Adapting to the different communication styles and emotions of customers will help you build customer relationships through better customer conversations. Improving conversations with customers enables an efficient, high quality client service (CS). This course explains how to adapt to the different communication types and identify the common emotions that customers experience when contacting a support center. It also explains how to adapt your writing skills to communicate through e-mail and to document incidents.
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Expert Insights on Customer Relationships
Customer service is not about service; it’s about relationships. Like fruitful vegetable gardens, these relationships require constant nurturing. Start growing relationships that exceed customers’ needs and desires, and make them blossom.
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Managing Customer Experience and Relationships: A Strategic Framework, Third Edition
Including examples, case studies, and references, alongside insightful contributions from global industry leaders, this in-depth resource provides the information, practical framework, and expert insight you need to implement winning CRM strategy.
Book Duration 13h 46m Book Authors By Don Peppers, Martha Rogers


Client Relationship Management: Using Relationship Management and Project Service Excellence to Create a Competitive Advantage
Insightful and full of common sense, this book reveals how to truly excel at meeting client needs—and lock in future business, client testimonials, increased referrals and client loyalty.
Book Duration 1h 44m Book Authors By David A. Po-Chedley


The 60 Second Sale: The Ultimate System for Building Lifelong Client Relationships in the Blink of an Eye
A turnkey system for building profitable, lifelong relationships, this step-by-step guide will help you open doors, close deals, and make more money in a way that leverages your natural strengths.
Book Duration 3h 50m Book Authors By David V. Lorenzo


Customer Innovation: Customer-Centric Strategy for Enduring Growth
Packed with real world examples from leading global companies, this book provides the framework needed to shift from a product-oriented to a solutions-oriented focus and from a transaction-based to a co-creation-based customer relationship.
Book Duration 3h 53m Book Authors By Marion Debruyne


Customer Obsessed: A Whole Company Approach to Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences
Providing insight into each element that affects customer experience, this book offers a set of concrete actions you can take today to leverage cloud computing into technical innovation and better business outcomes at all levels of your organization.
Book Duration 3h 41m