Mindfulness at Work

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Mindfulness is about being in the here and now. Become more aware of how you feel and act in the present with valuable mindfulness approaches.


Sharpening Your Focus to Stay on Track

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    Sharpening Your Focus to Stay on Track
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    Finding Your Personal Focus
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Sharpening Your Focus to Stay on Track
Even when you know your priorities and have an organized time management routine, you'll still be challenged every day by distractions, temptations, interruptions, and procrastination. To avoid causing internal time management detours, you have to develop ways to stay focused, and this often means using personal and interpersonal skills in very specific ways. In this course, you'll learn strategies to manage challenges to your personal focus, techniques to help you shut out distractions and manage time conflicts, and ways to regain focus and develop mental resilience when faced with change.
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Personal Power and Credibility
Authority carries a certain positional power. A title grants a person some power and authority, but even that has its limits. To meet goals and get results requires developing a sense of personal power that goes beyond the job description and that print on the business card. Personal power stems from personal credibility, influence, and political savvy. Even those with the most humble job titles can know how to get things done.    In this course, you'll learn how developing personal power and credibility, and using them for building trust with your coworkers and organization, allows you to increase your influence at work and reach your goals.
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Listening Even When it's Difficult to Listen
Successful people are generally excellent listeners. They’re able to give others their full attention so that they can understand their needs and ask the right questions, even in difficult or stressful situations. They can also use their listening skills effectively to communicate their own goals and to build strong relationships with others. In this course, you'll learn common misconceptions about listening, how to hone your listening skills, and what to do when you encounter roadblocks to actively listening. You’ll also learn how being receptive to what others are saying can go a long way to breaking down the barriers to clear communication.
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Developing a Growth Mindset
In the workplace, there are two specific types of mindsets, or attitudes, that can either promote personal growth and resilience or hamper an employee’s performance. People with a growth mindset achieve ever-higher levels of productivity and can help their organizations thrive; by contrast, people with a fixed mindset tend not to develop professionally, and may hinder an organization’s goals. In this course, you'll learn about the characteristics of a growth mindset, such as perseverance, and how to distinguish it from a fixed mindset. You’ll also explore methods of developing mindsets for success, and how professional growth can benefit you and your organization.
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Avoid Procrastination by Getting Organized Instead
Procrastination reduces your productivity while causing you stress at the same time. Procrastinating is a habit that causes urgent and difficult tasks to pile up as you studiously avoid them. Developing and applying organization skills, you can declutter your schedule and avoid putting off work that demands your attention. In this course, you'll learn about the reasons people procrastinate, and the benefits of organizing your time. You'll learn how to build self-discipline and combat time wasters, as well as how to bring more organization to your day. And finally, you'll explore how to set priorities and how to say no when you need to.
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Procrastination: Admitting it is the First Step
Procrastinating can be a big obstacle to efficient time management. The good news is that there are ways to overcome a tendency to procrastinate. The trick is to figure out what your own personal reason is for putting off what you know you need to do. In this course, you'll discover what may be behind your tendency to procrastinate by learning the indicators. Then you'll explore many helpful techniques and strategies for dealing with procrastination and improving efficiency. There are four key areas covered in this course: improving focus, increasing self-motivation, taking action, and improving your ability to organize.
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The Art of Staying Focused
Even if you know what's important to do, losing focus can stop your progress. No matter who you are or what job you do, focusing at work can be hard. Even with great schedule management and organizing skills, it's easy to get off track if you're not careful. In this course, you'll learn how to stay focused and stay on top of your schedule. You'll learn strategies for dealing with focus challenges and distractions at work. You’ll also find out how to beat fatigue, manage your time, and decline work-related requests. And you’ll explore how to adjust your focus to deal with change, and how to regain focus when you've lost it.
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Forming New Habits
Whether you want to form new habits or break the old, you will benefit from these expert insights. Discover how to learn from your past failures, establish new habits, and also how to understand your own personal habit nature. 
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Expert Insights on Mindsets
People can be quitters, campers, or climbers, depending on their mindset. But even a fixed mindset can be changed to one of growth, development, and learning with the right encouragement. Find out how to get to the top of your game.