Designing Digital Experiences

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Well-designed digital experiences improve interactions between the customer and a product or service by engaging customers in the design process.


Exploring Customer Journey Mapping

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    Exploring Customer Journey Mapping
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    Understanding the Customer's Experience
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Exploring Customer Journey Mapping
To understand the different feelings and cognitive processes a customer undergoes when dealing with your organization, you need a tool that can document every step of their experience. Customer journey mapping is one such tool, and is essential in helping you understand customer needs and define problems highlighted by their experiences. In this course, you’ll discover how to create a customer journey map, a customer-centric problem solving tool that can enable you to brainstorm effective solutions to key customer pain points. You’ll also explore how to recognize and prioritize specific actions to improve your customer focus while avoiding common mapping mistakes.
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Exploring the Relationship between UI/UX Design
User-friendly apps are more than just a pretty user interface (UI). They ensure the user experience (UX) is pleasing. People expect interacting with a digital product, be it a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, to be a friction-free, pleasurable experience. By understanding the relationship between the UI and the UX, your company can provide just that. In this course, you'll explore UI/UX design and how together, they result in user-pleasing apps with effective user interface design. You'll learn about the key trends in UX and UI design and principles. Finally, you'll discover how to evaluate the emotional impact of user experience.
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Achieving Customer-centric Design with User Personas
Your organization depends on its ability to win every customer interaction. User personas – detailed descriptions of archetypal end users – are the gateway to designing customer-centric products and experiences that address customer needs. Building user personas will help you develop products and services your customers truly want. In this course, you'll learn the essential elements of user personas and the business information to be gained from them. You'll also learn how to build a user persona, which data to include in a persona, and the qualities of an effective persona. And you’ll discover what customer-centric design can tell you about your customer, and how it will benefit your business.
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Building a Culture of Design Thinking
The main aim of your organization’s product or service is to help your customers achieve a specific goal or overcome a problem. This is where the concept of design thinking comes in. Design thinking is a customer-centric approach to determining how best to meet customer needs. In this course, you'll explore ways to develop customer focus to help you define problems. You’ll explore design thinking strategies, including how to reframe problems, how to brainstorm solutions, and when to use prototypes. You’ll also identify best practices for user testing, as well as for and gathering and reviewing feedback for effective problem solving.
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Expert Insights on Lean UX
Learn how to apply lean principles to deliver results and meet your specific goals.
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MIT Sloan Management Review on Designing Digital Experiences
In this collection of articles from MIT Sloan Management Review, you'll learn what makes a digital experience favorable, and how you can ensure that both you and the user benefit from the experience.
Book Duration 41m Book Authors By MIT Sloan Management Review


MIT Sloan Management Review Article on How Frictionless Should Things Be?
This article from MIT Sloan Management Review discusses how escalating concerns over cybersecurity are prompting companies and many others to rethink how frictionless things should be.
Book Duration 2m Book Authors By Bruce Posner


Designing for Growth: A Design Thinking Tool Kit for Managers
Covering the mind-set, techniques, and vocabulary of design thinking, this book unpacks the mysterious connection between design and growth, and teaches managers in a straightforward way how to exploit design's exciting potential.
Book Duration 3h 29m Book Authors By Jeanne Liedtka, Tim Ogilvie


Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation: What They Can't Teach You at Business or Design School
Providing a toolkit to apply concepts for immediate use in everyday work, this comprehensive playbook presents a framework for design thinking that is relevant to business management, marketing, and design strategies.
Book Duration 1h 36m Book Authors By Idris M