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Designing an Azure Architecture

Target Audience
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Microsoft Azure provides numerous automation tools. This course covers objectives for the 70-534 exam, such as using the Azure portal, Azure PowerShell, Azure CLI, and Azure Runbooks.

Target Audience
IT professionals responsible for planning and deploying Azure virtual machines and applications in a secure manner


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Designing an Azure Architecture

  • start the course
  • describe the components of an Azure environment
  • use the Azure portal to manage Azure services
  • describe the importance of automation
  • explain the benefit of using Azure PowerShell automation
  • explain the benefit of using Azure PowerShell Workflows
  • download and install Azure PowerShell on-premises
  • connect Azure PowerShell to an Azure subscription
  • build a script using the PowerShell ISE
  • build a workflow script using the PowerShell ISE
  • describe the benefit of using the Azure CLI
  • download and install Azure CLI on-premises
  • connect Azure CLI to an Azure subscription
  • explain the role Runbooks play in Azure
  • create and automation account using the Azure portal
  • create a simple PowerShellAzure Runbook
  • create a simple graphical Azure Runbook
  • connect command line tools to Azure
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