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Azure Active Directory and Authentication

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Domain #4 of the 70-533 exam focuses on Azure Active Directory. In this course, you'll learn about users and groups in Azure Active Directory, as well as how to synchronize on-premises users to Azure AD. Then you will gain experience configuring Azure AD authentication.

Target Audience
IT professionals responsible for managing Microsoft Azure


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Azure Active Directory and Authentication

  • start the course
  • describe how Azure AD can benefit an organization
  • differentiate features between Azure AD editions
  • apply RBAC to delegate Azure management permissions
  • configure Azure AD
  • connect to an Azure AD instance using the tenant ID
  • configure Azure RBAC assignments
  • use the UI, PowerShell, and Azure CLI to manage users
  • use the UI, PowerShell, and Azure CLI to manage groups
  • describe the purpose of Azure AD Connect
  • join a Windows 10 station to Azure Active Directory
  • deploy a custom domain controller running in an Azure VM
  • configure self-service password reset
  • describe types of authentication and how they relate to Azure AD
  • describe when to use Federation and the Web Application Proxy
  • synchronize on-premises user accounts with Azure AD
  • verify Single Sign-On for a Windows 10 station
  • enable Facebook SSO for Azure AD users
  • enable Google ID SSO for Azure AD users
  • enhance Azure AD security by enabling MFA
  • manage Azure AD users and groups
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