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Azure App Services

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In this course, you'll learn what Azure App Services is used for, as well as how to deploy various types of services. You'll also get hands-on experience deploying and managing web apps, which is required as per 70-533 Domain #1.

Target Audience
IT professionals responsible for managing Microsoft Azure


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Azure App Services

  • start the course
  • identify how web and mobile apps are deployed and scaled
  • list the Azure App Service components
  • describe when containers should be used
  • describe the characteristics of different types of application services
  • define how deployment slots are used
  • deploy a web app to a deployment slot
  • list common web app settings
  • work with Visual Studio to create and deploy an ASP.Net web app
  • use PowerShell to manage a web app
  • distinguish webjob triggers
  • use the portal to create an on-demand WebJob
  • identify how Azure provides scalability and resilience for app services
  • enable autoscaling for an ASP.Net web app
  • describe the purpose of monitoring app services using Kudu
  • use Kudu to view diagnostic information
  • use Visual Studio to create and deploy an ASP.Net web app
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