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CompTIA Network+ N10-007: Cloud Concepts, Network Services, & Cabling Solutions

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In this course, you'll learn about cloud services, delivery methods, and security considerations, as well as networking services. You'll also explore cabling types, connectors, and standards, as you prepare for exam N10-007.

Target Audience
Network administrators, network technicians, network installers, helpdesk technicians, IT cable installers, and any other professionals working with computer networks


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

CompTIA Network+ N10-007: Cloud Concepts, Network Services, & Cabling Solutions

  • Start the course
  • describe the types of services available such as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS
  • list private, public, and hybrid cloud delivery features
  • summarize the available connectivity methods
  • recognize security implications and considerations
  • summarize the relationship between local and cloud resources
  • list features for each cloud delivery model
  • describe how DNS works
  • describe internal vs. external DNS and the structure of DNS namespaces
  • describe the authoritative server of a DNS zone
  • recognize when to use the various types of DNS records such as A, SRV, CNAM, etc.
  • describe how the DHCP service works
  • describe the features and functions of NTP
  • describe the features and functions of IPAM
  • recognize when to implement each DNS record type
  • implement the appropriate media type
  • determine when to deploy plenum vs. pvc
  • recognize when to use copper connector types
  • recognize when to use fiber connector types
  • determine the appropriate transceiver to use
  • recognize when to use certain termination points
  • deploy the proper copper cable standards
  • deploy the appropriate copper termination standards
  • deploy Ethernet standards based on a certain scenarios
  • deploy the appropriate cabling solution in a scenario
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