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Packages and Data Types

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This course covers features and components of Microsoft R Server, including its installation and configuration with various databases and IT systems. It also introduces the R language, including data structures and types.

Target Audience
All individuals who wish to understand key concepts in big data analysis and Microsoft R features including scientists, analysts, and statisticians


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Packages and Data Types

  • start the course
  • recognize important R packages and their functions
  • list important packages available through Microsoft R
  • recognize what the RevoScaleR package is
  • identify important functions available in the RevoScaleR package for data analysis
  • list important functions available in the RevoScaleR package
  • identify similar RevoScaleR Functions and Base R functions
  • describe the MicrosoftML package and its important functions
  • recognize use cases of the mrsdeploy package and its important functions
  • describe the olapR package and its important functions
  • identify important functions available through the sqlrutils package and their use cases
  • list key features of the RevoScaleR package
  • describe the R language and its key features
  • recognize what R objects and attributes are
  • describe concepts of R vectors, lists, and factors
  • identify important features of R matrices and arrays
  • recognize the concept of data frames and lists in R
  • list differences between data frames and matrices
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