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MongoDB: Cloud and Hadoop Deployments

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One of MongoDB's best strengths is its ability to scale. In this course, you will learn about cloud deployments using Cloud Manager and how MongoDB can integrate with Hadoop.

Target Audience
Anyone planning or considering to deploy a MongoDB database backend


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

MongoDB: Cloud and Hadoop Deployments

  • start the course
  • install and explore the MongoDB Cloud Manager service
  • identify the system requirements and installation options for MongoDB deployments
  • provision and deploy MongoDB processes to Cloud Manager
  • manage a deployment
  • configure and manage alerts, logs, and integration with monitoring service providers
  • manage groups, users, and roles for Cloud Manager and MongoDB deployments
  • describe the API and create a simple interface to Cloud Manager
  • plan and analyze system sizing and configure tuning options for cloud deployments
  • configure and plan for disaster recovery
  • create and deploy a high availability cluster
  • deploy a highly available instance using Cloud Manager
  • deploy a highly available instance using OpsManager
  • install and configure the MongoDB connector in Hadoop
  • install and configure the MongoDB and MongoDB driver to a Hadoop cluster node
  • integrate MongoDB with Hadoop using Cloud Manager
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