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Spotfire Visualizations and Relationships

Target Audience
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Lesson Objectives
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Visualizations enhance data analysis efficiency in Spotfire. This course will demonstrate basic visualizations and provide a thorough understanding of each. In addition, the various relationships used in Spotfire will be explained.

Target Audience
Business users and data professionals looking for agile solutions while creating visualizations in TIBCO Spotfire for a BI architecture


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Spotfire Visualizations and Relationships

  • start the course
  • display information in tabular form
  • recognize color categorization with visualizations
  • recognize Spotfire bar chart visualizations
  • work with visualizations across a Trellis Grid
  • recognize Spotfire Marking concept
  • recognize line chart visualization concepts
  • define proportions using a pie chart visualization
  • recognize Spotfire filter concepts
  • configure filter panels
  • build relationships in Spotfire using scatterplots
  • define various hierarchical relationships
  • use graphical tables to enhance experience
  • recognize how Spotfire can benefit in optimizing visualizations
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