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Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011: Scheduling with the Calendar

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While Microsoft Outlook is known for being a robust e-mail application, it also includes a calendar system that can be used for efficient information management. This course explores the many features of the Outlook Calendar, including how to use Calendar to add appointments, set appointments as recurring events, set reminders for appointments, and schedule meetings. The course also explains how to customize the appearance of the calendar to best suit your needs.

Target Audience
A broad range of business users who use Outlook for Mac 2011. An understanding of basic e-mail concepts and word processing terminology is assumed.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011: Scheduling with the Calendar

  • change the Calendar work schedule
  • recognize how to navigate Calendar view in Outlook for Mac
  • create an appointment
  • edit an appointment to create a recurring appointment
  • add a meeting to your calendar and invite attendees
  • track, update, or respond to meeting invites
  • add a lunch event to a calendar
  • create and send a meeting invite
  • update a meeting invitation
  • respond to a meeting invitation
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