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Testing in AngularJS

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JavaScript testing is imperative due to the dynamically typed nature of the language. AngularJS comes with a comprehensive set of tools to facilitate testing. This course covers testing in AngularJS, from setting up the test environment, to testing controllers, services, filters and directives.

Target Audience
Web developers who wish to develop their skills with AngularJS


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Testing in AngularJS

  • start the course
  • set up a test environment for AngularJS
  • install Node and Karma to test AngularJS applications
  • test an AngularJS controller
  • unit test AngularJS controllers with dependencies
  • test custom services in AngularJS
  • test custom services with dependencies in AngularJS
  • set up unit tests in AngularJS when AJAX calls are involved
  • test an AngularJS custom filter
  • test an AngularJS custom filter with dependencies
  • test simple directives in AngularJS
  • test custom directives with external templates in AngularJS
  • test directive bindings in AngularJS
  • test events on directives in AngularJS
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