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WCF Services

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The Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Data Services is a SOAP based data communication framework. In this course you will be introduced to WCF Services including how to create and consume then.

Target Audience
DevOPs and Software developers creating, managing, or tasked with hosting, WCF Services


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

WCF Services

  • start the course
  • describe the features and advantages of using WCF Services
  • describe the benefits of SOAP and its usage of XML
  • identify how SOAP and HTTP can be used for data transfer within a Web Service
  • install and configure IIS for running Web Services
  • configure IIS to host a simple WCF Service
  • use IIS to self-host an ASP.NET Web API Service
  • describe how WCF Services can be hosted and the components of a WCF Service
  • create a WCF Service using SOAP and configure the ServiceContract
  • define how the service is exposed to clients, including the Address, Bindings, and Contracts
  • handle exceptions within a WCF Service and SOAP request
  • use a service proxy with Visual Studio to consume a WCF Service a design-time
  • use a service proxy with ChannelFactory to consume a WCF Service at run-time
  • create a Windows Services project to run a WCF Service through Windows Services
  • create an installer for a WCF Service to be hosted by Windows Services
  • install and uninstall WCF Services from the Windows Service console or command-line
  • host WCF Services on IIS or with Windows Services
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