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CompTIA Network+ N10-006 Expert Live with Encore

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This course explores the concepts and best practices of end-to-end computer networking – from traditional implementations to emerging technologies. This course will educate you in the practical daily tasks of troubleshooting, configuring, managing, and documenting common network wireless and wired devices, as well as establishing basic network design and connectivity. This course will help you identify network limitations and weaknesses as well as implement network security, standards, and protocols.
There are NO prerequisites for this course; however, for enhanced retention and understanding, we do recommend the following skills and knowledge:
Though not a prerequisite, prior experience with computer networks will be helpful
Though not a prerequisite, A+ certification (or equivalent knowledge) will be helpful
ComTIA Network+
CompTIA Network+ N10-006
Included Labs
OSI Model
Network Diagram
Collision and Broadcast Domains
Converting a Dotted Decimal IP Address to Binary - Example 1
Converting a Dotted Decimal IP Address to Binary - Example 2
Addressing a Small Branch Office
Addressing a Small Branch Office Using VLSM
IPv6 Address Shortening
Bandwidth for WAN Connection Types
Important Networking Commands
CompTIA Network+ N10-006
Module 1: Computer Network Fundamentals
Module 2: Addressing and Routing
Module 3: Network Infrastructures
Module 4: Network Security
Module 5: Network Operations
Module 6: Implementation and Troubleshooting

Target Audience
This course targets foundation-level IT network practitioners. Whether you have several years, months, or days of experience working with networks, this course will reveal the theory, protocols, and methods related to end-to-end computer networking communications. This course maps to the CompTIA Network+ certification exam N10-006. This course is also designed to help prepare IT professional heading towards the Cisco or Microsoft tracks.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

CompTIA Network+ N10-006 Expert Live with Encore

  • Use the OSI and TCP/IP models to articulate key networking concepts and standards
  • Work with coax, twisted-pair, and fiber optic cabling in a LAN environment
  • Explain end-to-end communication and addressing, including IPv4, IPv6, DHCP, DNS, and ARP
  • Identify the purpose of various configurations and protocols for routers and switches
  • Identify different types of networks
  • Work with WAN technologies
  • Implement 802.11 wireless LAN technologies
  • Address the real-world concerns of network security
  • Perform the standard duties associated with network operations, including monitoring performance and maintaining documentation
  • Understand emerging technologies, such as unified communications, mobile, cloud, and virtualization
  • Troubleshoot and resolve common network issues
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