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Datacenter Virtualization with vSphere 5: Design and Optimization Expert Live with Encore

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Datacenter Virtualization with vSphere 5: Design and Optimization continues to build on the foundation from Datacenter Virtualization with vSphere Part 2 by covering advanced features and topics that are included in the vSphere Enterprise Plus product. Featured lessons include advanced topics such as using the Virtual Center Server Appliance (VSCA), Upgrading from earlier versions of vSphere and Fundamentals of a vSphere Virtual Datacenter Design.
To benefit fully from this course, the following prerequisite courses, skills, and knowledge are strongly recommended:
Course: Datacenter Virtualization with vSphere 5: Part 1 and Part 2
Experience with System Administration on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or Microsoft Server 2008 operating Systems
Experience with Linux Server operating systems
Datacenter Virtualization with vSphere 5: Design and Optimization2
Module 1: Introduction
Lesson 1: Introduction
Module 2: Introduction
Lesson 1: Upgrading to vSphere 5
Lesson 2: Upgrade vCenter Server and Update Manager
Lesson 3: Upgrade Hosts
Lesson 4: Upgrade Virtual Machines
Module 3: Introduction to vSphere Datacenter Design
Lesson 1: Introduction to Design Fundamentals
Lesson 2: Create a Conceptual Design
Lesson 3: Create a vSphere Logical Design from an Existing Conceptual Design
Lesson 4: Create a vSphere Physical Design from an Existing Logical Design
Lesson 5: Implementation Planning

Target Audience
This course is targeted towards systems engineers, system administrators, vSphere operators and support personnel, as well as ESXi operators and support personnel.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Datacenter Virtualization with vSphere 5: Design and Optimization Expert Live with Encore

  • vCenter Server Appliance Overview
  • Deploying VCSA
  • Configuring VCSA
  • vSphere 5.x Upgrade Overview
  • vSphere 5.x Virtual Center Server Upgrade
  • vSphere 5.x Update Manager Upgrade
  • vSphere 5.x ESX/ESXi Upgrade
  • vSphere 5.x VM Tools and VM Hardware Upgrade
  • Creating a Conceptual vSphere Design
  • Creating a Logical vSphere Design
  • Creating a Physical vSphere Design
  • Implementation Planning
  • Course Number: