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Getting Started with Visio 2010

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Microsoft Visio 2010 is a powerful diagramming program that provides users with a diverse set of pre-drawn stencils, shapes, sample drawings and templates for illustrating complex ideas visually. In this course the various features of the Visio interface will be explored. You will also be shown how to access and use templates, shapes and stencils for creating contemporary looking diagrams. Once the diagrams have been created, this course will also demonstrate how to manipulate, align and connect shapes to achieve professional looking results.

Target Audience
Individuals and business users with basic computer literacy seeking proficiency in the use of Microsoft Visio 2010

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Getting Started with Visio 2010

  • create a diagram using a template
  • recognize how to add a shape to a diagram
  • add text to a diagram
  • recognize how to modify shapes in a diagram
  • open a Visio stencil
  • create a custom stencil and give it a name
  • recognize how to connect shapes together in Visio 2010
  • automatically align and space shapes
  • construct and edit an organizational diagram in Visio 2010
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