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Scala Expressions and Parallel Computation

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Scala mixes programming paradigms, and so presents a challenge to programmers coming from any other language. This course explores for expressions and parallel computation.

Target Audience
Programmers with some experience of programming in another language looking to get a start in Scala


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Scala Expressions and Parallel Computation

  • start the course.
  • explore how to work with Scala streams
  • use lazy evaluation in Scala
  • use the basic Scala "for" expression
  • use startsWith, endsWith, and indexOf inside a Scala "for" expression
  • use the Scala "for" expression with various collections
  • utilize the Scala map method
  • utilize the Scala flatMap method
  • utilize the Scala withFilter method
  • utilize the Scala fold method
  • utilize the Scala reduce method
  • perform a parallel computation in Scala
  • carry out a parallel sort in Scala
  • explore the use of parallel collections in Scala
  • work with parallel programming in Scala
  • utilize Scala.rx for FRP
  • apply a transform method over a Scala List with map and withFilter
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