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Querying XML Data with XPath and XQuery

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The XML Path Language, XPath, is designed to allow the developer to select specific parts of an XML document. XPath is also used extensively with the XML query language, or XQuery. This course will cover how to use these languages to both navigate and query XML data. Specific topics covered include XPath basics, XPath functions, as well XQuery built-in and user-defined functions. Attention is also given to XQuery support in Microsoft's SQL Server relational database server.

Target Audience
Individuals who wish to learn how to generate web content using XML, who have experience in using HTML, CSS, and basic JavaScript to develop web content

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Querying XML Data with XPath and XQuery

  • recognize which properties apply to the XPath node types
  • recognize how to use XPath expressions
  • recognize how to use common XPath functions
  • query XML data with XPath
  • recognize how to use various types of XQuery expressions
  • use basic built-in XQuery functions
  • create an XQuery function
  • recognize when to use the built-in methods of the XML data type
  • query XML data with XQuery
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